Dec. 2023 Militaria & Collectibles Auction

Live auction featuring an array of worldwide militaria to include medals, patches, helmets, hats, uniforms, flags, swords, autographs, documents, photographs, and more. Also Presidential political items, international flags, coins and currency, Hollywood autographs, screen worn items, and more.  

CNYMCA LLC, as the seller of war memorabilia, would like to emphasize that these items are sold solely as historical artifacts and collectibles, and are not intended to promote or glorify war, violence, or any extremist ideology. We do not condone the actions of any individual or group involved in these conflicts and sell these items solely for their historical significance. It is important to note that some items in this auction may include symbols or slogans that are offensive to certain groups or individuals. CNYMCA LLC does not endorse or support any discriminatory or hateful beliefs or actions by any group. We are selling these items with the understanding that they are intended for educational or historical purposes only, and not promoting or glorifying any ideology.