Spring 2022 Militaria & Collectibles Auction

WWII Named 37th infantry Division Colonel Silver Star Combat Diary Archive

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Amazing archive from Lt. Colonel George James Woods, a Battalion commander in the 129th Infantry, 37th Infantry Division in the Pacific. The group includes his medals such as his numbered Silver Star, Bronze Star, Purple Heart, wrap brooch Yangtze Service medal, mini medals, marksmanship awards (one engraved with his name), engraved Bronze Star Medal in case, campaign medals, sterling CIB, and more. The HIGHLIGHT of this group is the detailed, one of a kind, war diary. Lt. Col. Woods used a captured Japanese notebook to transcribe daily details of battles, combat encounters, enemy and friendly losses, his thoughts on the war, photos of battle damage and combat scenes, captured Japanese photos, documents, insignia, and much more. The photos reflect only a fraction of the contents, and you will likely never find a better combat account of the Pacific war from an Infantry Commander. Good overall condition for its age.